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Glow In The Dark and Reflective Silicone Vinyl

 Glow In The Dark and Reflective Silicone Vinyl is a new product launched by Yanyan heat transfer printing manufacturer. Based on the good performance of silicone, it also has the functions of Glow In The Dark and reflective.
Our Glow In The Dark reflective silica gel heat transfer vinyl is mainly made of silica gel and produced with the processing equipment imported by the company. After relevant certification, the product has the characteristics of good waste discharge and easy tearing, and can be used on different materials. It has a good effect under normal light, and has night light or reflective effect at night and under the source line.

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Glow In The Dark and Reflective Silicone Vinyl

Color catalog

The  color catalog of Glow In The Dark and Reflective Silicone Vinyl.

  1. The above colors are applicable to vinyl (0.2mm and 0.8mm) with different thicknesses.

  2. Due to shooting and display reasons, there may be color deviation, please take the actual color as the standard.

    3.Some products in the catalogue are not in stock,Cannot be delivered immediately. If necessary, we will produce them immediately, and the delivery time is about 14-20 days.