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  • 2022 New Arrival of TPU  Heat Transfer Vinyl
    2022-11-18 11:05
    2022 New Arrival Of TPU Heat Transfer Vinyl Welcome to custom different sizes and colors
  • Reflective and Glow In The Dark 2 in 1 Heat Transfer Vinyl
    2021-12-29 09:32
    Reflective and Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl have different characteristics. Combining the two into a Heat Transfer Vinyl with reflective and Glow In The Dark effects at the same time, this is our new Glow In The Dark reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl.
  • The uses of Heat Transfer Sticker
    2021-12-20 17:33
    The Heat transfer sticker we often see is used for clothing and textiles. In fact, it has many uses. In addition to clothing, bags and shoes, Heat transfer sticker can be used as other labels for other occasions, such as printing different patterns on your mobile phone, car, etc.
  • What are the advantages of heat transfer film?
    2021-11-05 14:32
    Compared with silk screen printing, heat transfer printing is a new technology of clothing printing. It has many incomparable advantages of silk screen printing. Compared with silk screen printing, it has the following different characteristics:
  • Reflective and luminous heat transfer vinyl
    2021-10-29 08:29
    Reflective heat transfer vinyl and luminous(Glow in the dark) heat transfer vinyl are mainly used in the night, but they are also different. Let's look at the difference between the two:
  • The principle of puff heat transer vinyl foaming
    2021-02-22 17:17
    It looks like normal vinyl but it expands under a single press creating cubic, 3D effects compared with normal film. In addition
  • The characteristics of Flock Heat transfer vinyl film
    2020-09-11 12:44
    with strong covering force, strong three-dimensional sense of the product itself, pure villi, bright colors, rich and colorful
  • What classification of Heat transfer sticker/label
    2020-09-22 15:13
    We mainly produce and sell all kinds of heat transfer film, products are widely used in all kinds of goods, such as clothing, bags, leather, plastic and so on.
  • The difference of decorative film and transfer film
    2020-12-11 16:50
    Heat transfer vinyl is transfer film,We are heat transfer factory,provide heat transfer product wholesale.
  • What's difference of Heat Transfer and sublimation transfer
    2020-08-07 09:44
    What's difference of Heat Transfer and sublimation transfer,Yanyan Heat Transfer are Yanyan Heat Transfer Technology factory, provide Heat Transfer product Wholesale and customization.Welcome to contact us for free samples.